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Emergency Preparedness Kits

Emergency kits are designed to store supplies for at least 72 hrs, and can be offered for Home, Auto or Office use, as well as schools, depending on the situation. While many of our kits are ready made, we can design kits based on your individual needs. We have our oiwn kits being developed and will be out very soon.

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Home - Family

 Guardian Dlx. Survival Kit

2 Person Deluxe Survival Kit

Guardian Elite Survival Kit

2 Person Elite
Survival Kit


4 Person Elite
Survival Kit


4 Person Deluxe Survival Kit





Food Storage Kits

72 Hour Food Storage Kit


Deluxe Food Storage Kit

Wise Deluxe Survival Kit

Wise 5 Day Survival Kit


Wise Essentials Survival Kit



Office /Group Kits

5 Person Office Kit


10 Person  Office Kit

Office Safety Kit

Team Leader Emergency Kit


Ready to Roll Emergency Kit

10 Person Deluxe Office  Kit OEK10


Dlx. Office Kit
on Wheels

Dlx. Office Kit
5 Person


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