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Suture/Wound Closure Pack

Suture / Wound Closure PackSuture / Wound Closure Pack back


Our emergency Suture and Wound Closure Kit is great for supplementing your regular first aid or survival kit or for just stand alone medical emergencies, where medical help may not be immediately available. The kit contains an irrigation syringe for cleaning of the wound, and 2 sizes of sterile sutures with needles, along with a curved hemostat and tweezers for stitching and pulling. There is also a small temporary tourniquet to help slow the blood flow. For emergency incisions, there is a disposable scalpel and Chlorascrub Wipes for disinfecting. For wounds that may not require stitches, we've included 2 sizes of Steristrip Wound Closure strips and Tincture of Benzoin for added adhesion.

Also included for wound protection are gauze pads, non adherent pads, surgical tape, surgical scissors, mosquito scissors, antibiotic ointments, BZK wipes, pain relievers for discomfort, and 2 pr. disposable gloves. Comes in a reusable heavy duty 6 mil. zip lock bag. Size: 6" x 9"


1 - Irrigation Syringe (flushing wounds)
1 - 3.0 Sutures with needle - sterile
1 - 5.0 Sutures with needle - sterile
1 - Disposable scalpel with blade - sterile
1 - Steristrip Wound Closure 1/4"x 1-1/2" sterile
1 - Steristrip Wound Closure 1/4"x 3" sterile
1 - Temporary Tourniquet (slow blood flow)
1 - Curved Hemostat
1 - Slanted Tweezers
1 - Pr. Slanted Surgical Scissors
2 - Chlorascrub Swabs
2 - Tincture of Benzoin
1 - Roll Surgical Tape
2 - Non adherent Pads 2"x 3"
2 - Gauze Pads 2"x 2"
3 - Antibiotic Ointment Packets
2 - BZK Wipes
4 - Pain Killers
2 pr. Disposable Gloves

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