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5 Gl. Portable Water Containers

sam stacker 5 gallon container
Lower Price - only $12.95

5 gallon "Sam Stackers" are made from 100% non-toxic food-grade HDPE, and are completely BPA free.

The opaque material on these containers prevent bacterial growth so your water stays cleaner, longer.

These new UN rated heavy duty polyethylene (HDPE) rectangular shaped containers were designed to stack. Containers are tightly sealed for no leak transportation. The containers are fitted with an open/ close valve allowing air flow, along with large neck for easy pouring and they will not absorb undesirable tastes.....and the lid is threaded to accept a shutoff water spout. Tamper evident caps are STANDARD. 


● Blue ultraviolet water protection for controlling bacterial growth.
No need to constantly clean containers.
● Buttress neck and cap are fail safe for cross threading and produce a
tight seal to hold the toughest products.
● 70mm neck for fast filling and easy pouring
● Tamper evident caps are STANDARD
● Fixed handle with enough space for a large hand.
● Closed vent for a safe shipping and easy customer pouring
● "U" shaped top & bottom design makes for a interlock
non-shift filled pallet load-stack up to 3 high
● Made of polycarbon material, will not absorb undesirable tastes.
● Lid is threaded to accept a shutoff water spout
Weighs about 41 lbs. full of water
● UN approved

Not shippable

Sam Stacker Containers - blue

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