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Lifestraw Family 1.0 Gravity Portable Water Purifier

lifeStraw family 1.0 water purifier
SALE $57.95

Clean Drinking Water for a Family of Four for Three Years!


LifeStraw Family, the award-winning and internationally recognized water filter & purifier, having been used worldwide, is now available in North America. The technology was originally introduced in 2005 as an emergency response tool to filter water often contaminated following natural disasters. Today, LifeStraw® is used in water filtration products around the world.

LifeStraw Family is a point-of-use microbiological water purifier capable of removing viruses, bacteria and protozoa (parasites) to protect against waterborne diseases. It filters up to 18,000 liters of water, enough to supply clean drinking water for a family of five for up to three years.
Lightweight and highly portable, the LifeStraw® Family is ideal for use in purifying water at base camps, group camping, or emergency setup shelters.

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