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First Need Base Camp Purifier

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Great for extended family groups, neighborhoods, camp sites, churches, and schools.

The chemical-free, portable, water purifier removes microbiological, chemical and aesthetic contaminants, as well as herbicides, pesticides foul taste, odor and color.

Instant, Effective and Reliable

No iodine or iodine taste! No hold-time, electricity or double-processing makes it easy to get pure water on the go or in an emergency.

Designed for rugged use, this high output purifier is a must for emergency situations in which unclean or contaminated water will be a risk for drinking. The Base Camp Water Purifier is laboratory tested and field proven. The Base Camp has a stainless steel housing and a double-action pump for more water with less work. Fully portable, field-serviceable and easily maintained, the Base Camp will serve you and your group for many years. Because it is tested and field serviced by third party laboratories, the First Need Water Purifiers have been a favorite of expeditionist world-wide for over 30 years. The Base Camp is independently certified to meet EPA guide standard protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses, as well as chemical and aesthetic contaminants.

Self indicating replacement cartridge with avg. 500-1000 gallon capacity, depending on source water qualityMicron retention 0.1 nominal/ 0.4 absolute. Intake Tube length 36 inches. Stainless steel housing.



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