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SGE Drinking System

SGE Drinking System

The Drinking Device for SGE 400 - 400/3 and 400/3BB masks is an optional accessory that could be easily assembled in place of the bottom cap of the mask. It must be installed at the factory, and should be ordered at the same time as the mask.

The Drinking Device may be rotated, moving the internal tube to intercept the mouth and avoiding any uncomfortable condition when not necessary.

Accessories to be used with Drinking System Adapter

The External Drinking Tube is supplied with a safety valve. To drink, it is necessary to squeeze the valve, otherwise the tube is closed. It can be used in conjunction with the drinking device to allow one to drink from an open container.

External Drinking Tube


The Internal Drinking Tube is used to connect the mask to the 1 liter canteen and pouch. This provides a fully closed system to the canteen. This connector is only made to fit the SGE canteen.

Internal Drinking Tube


The 1 liter Canteen is made to fit the Internal Drinking Tube - Comes with pouch.

1 Liter Canteen


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