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Heatsheets Survival Blankets

Heatsheet Survival Blanket singleheatsheets for 2
Quiet - Tear resistant - Reusable -Durable

20% Larger than competitive products!

Designed and distributed by Adventure Medical Kits, these blankets are a step up from most and reflect a more compact, lightweight design which in turn features a quieter, more durable, reusable polyethylene material.

They are still small in size and can easily fit in your glove compartment or purse. Being very light weight does compromise their quality, as they still reflect 90% of your body's heat. With their low cost, they should be a part of every one's emergency survival kit. Features BRIGHT ORANGE easy to spot universal distress color for rescue!
Resealable Dry Flex Carry Pouch
3.5 oz.
60"x 96"


With the double size, survival and first-aid instructions are printed
directly on the blanket.



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