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Pee Wee Urine Bags

Pee Wee Urine BagPee Wee Urine Bags

A safe, sanitary convenient, fully biodegradable way to ‘pee’ "when plumbing's not available!

Use it, seal it, toss it in normal household trash. Pee-Wee should be in every glove-box, emergency kit, backpack, and personal pack, as well as in reach of those with stress incontinence and increased frequency and urgency due to health issues. Let Pee-Wee free you from planning life around proximity to the toilet. Each Pee-Wee includes a bio-degradable urine bag filled with a waste gelling agent that contains an odor neutralizer and a decaying catalyst. Slip resistant unisex collar can be used by adults or children. Gelling agent holds up to 24 oz of liquid waste. Snap closure - no spills, no contact.

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