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Survival Seeds

survival seeds

All Seeds are Heirloom Non-hybrid Seeds. 

The Best Survival Food Supply is one that you grow yourself. This can supplies enough survival seeds to plant a garden the size of a basketball court! A personal garden will not only supplement your yearly food supply, but will keep on supplying your family with good wholesome nutritious food that will be vital for a healthy lifestyle in times of emergency. Learn to can and preserve food for storing away for the winter months.

Non-hybrid survival seeds offer a higher nutrition value than standard seeds. Survival seeds are sealed in a #10 can for long term shelf life. 25 packets of seeds are included  with instructions on each packet.

Included are:
1 pkg. Butternut Squash
1 pkg. Beets
1 pkg. Cabbage
1 pkg. Carrots
1 pkg. Cucumbers
1 pkg. Lettuce
1 pkg. Onion
1 pkg. Peppers
1 pkg. Radish
1 pkg. Zucchini
1 pkg. Swiss Chard
1 pkg. Tomatoes
1 pkg. Turnips
4 pkg. Green Beans
4 pkg. Corn
4 pkg. Peas

1 can heirloom non hybrid survival seeds
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