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AlpineAire 5-Day Gourmet Meal Kit

AlpineAire 5-Day Gourmet Meal Kit

Recipes are prepared without adding MSG, preservatives, additives, food colorings or flavorings and no white sugar. They are all non-GMO and many are gluten free.

This convenient, cost effective and delicious Gourmet Meal Kit is designed, produced and delivered with the utmost care and concern for complete nutritional value. Each pouch represents one meal. Included in the AlpineAire Foods® 5-Day Gourmet Instant Meal Kit are 15 great-tasting entrées and two desserts; enough instant meals to last an adult for five days with an average caloric intake of over 2000 calories per day.
The AlpineAire Foods® 5-Day Gourmet Instant Meal Kit is the perfect solution for camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing or any circumstance leaving you with an unreliable food source. Features 100% “no cook”; simply boil water, add to pouch, stir well and eat right out of the pouch in 15 minutes for a hot tasty meal.

5 Day Meal Kit

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