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Nylon Monofilament Non Absorbable Suture

Nylon Monofilament
Sealed and Sterile


These sutures should be stored in a first aid or trauma kit and used only in an emergency situation, as a life saving method of closing wounds, when a doctor or EMS is not available. One should take the time to learn the suturing procedure well in advance, so there is no question as to how it is performed. Seek medical help as soon as possible, after administering the suture.

These emergency survival sutures come sealed and sterile. The most common sizes are 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0. The larger the number the smaller the size of needle. This particular set is a 4-0, a very popular size and is often used in plastic facial surgery, and light stress areas, such as extremities. This is a most common size for superficial wound closures.The needle is a 3/8 curve, 20mm (.78") length and the suture is a nylon filament, non absorbable 75cm (30") length.

º Non-absorbable suture
º Monofilament,color: blue
º Tissue reaction is minimal.
º Nylon is a non-absorbable material that with time, is encapsulated by connective tissue.
º Normally used when confronting tissue in Neurological, Ophthalmic, and plastic surgery. º Sterilized by GAMMA radiation
º 1 Reverse Cutting 20mm needle

$1.50 each

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