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Disposable Skin Stapler

Disposable Skin Stapler

The Skin Stapler is an efficient, reliable and affordable piece of first aid equipment that should be included every emergency trauma kit. Not only is it is a time saver over traditional sutures, but it provides for a simpler technique that that would be better suited in an emergency situation, should one be faced with this decision. The Skin Stapler fits comfortably in in your hand and has an angled head to allow visibility of incisions to ensure precise staple placement during operation. Comes sterile in a pre-wrapped package with 35 preloaded wide staples.


Simple design, easy to operate
Small stitched wound helps to avoid injury to epidermal tissue hastens wound healing.
Provides a smooth stitched wound and leaves a small scar after operation.
Shorten time for operation and decrease the pain for patients.
Used in operating rooms, emergency walk-ins, outpatient surgery, clinics and physician's offices.
This product has the CE and ISO13485 ISO9001 certifications.

1 Disposable Skin Stapler

Disposable Skin Stapler Remover

Versatile single-use skin stapler remover allows for fast and easy removal of surgical skin staples with minimal discomfort to the patient. Consistent performance by placing the metal tip of the sterile remover underneath the staple and squeezing the handles until they touch and the extractor is fully closed. Once the staple is completely reformed the remover can be lifted from the skin and the staple is removed. Each sterile, single-use instrument is shipped ready-to-use in sealed plastic packaging that's easy to open.
Instructions for use included on package. Guaranteed to remain sterile until the expiration date, unless the package has been opened or damaged.

 Scissor Style Staple Remover


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