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Emergency Medical Oxygen Kit

Emergency Medical Oxygen Kit



Serious and life-threatening medical emergencies often cause oxygen to
be depleted in the body, leaving the victim at risk for cardiac arrest or brain damage.
In these emergency situations, increasing the oxygen concentration not only helps to prevent shock, but helps to prevent brain damage, stabilizes the heart and other vital organs, and can even save a life.
Many national organizations in the emergency services field suggest that the use of emergency oxygen is a critical step in treating a severe or life-threatening illness or injury. Without adequate oxygen, hypoxia, a condition in which insufficient oxygen reaches the cells, will occur.

The popular M6 medical oxygen cylinder is the perfect balance between portability and oxygen supply duration. It's up to 40% lighter than some steel cylinders and  are made of high strength aluminum alloy with a corrosion resistant interior surface. Cylinders have a brushed body finish and durable heat sensitive clear coating. Cylinder is approximately 11.5" x 3" in diameter and weighs only 3 lbs., making it a perfect fit for all your trauma kits.

Some typical emergency assists include:

● Helps assist in CPR treatment
●Use in prevention and treatment of shock victims
● Help prevent altitude sickness
● Supplies oxygen as a result of smoke and fire inhalation
● Carbon Monoxide poisoning
● Assists in the treatment of Snake Bites
● Help treat Hypothermia
● Asthma attacks and allergies
● Use in conjunction with low pulse oximeter readings and any situation that results in difficulty in breathing.

  The medical oxygen kit also comes with a non-rebreather adult mask for moderate to severe hypoxia, nasal cannula for mild hypoxia, and a durable, lightweight aluminum, adjustable click style regulator with barb outlet that operates at 50 PSI. At only 6.625" inches in body length this regulator is extremely compact and weighs only 1.10 lbs. To ensure safety, reliability, and durability, this regulator is manufactured from brass and aluminum. Lightweight wrench included.
 O2 cylinder is shipped empty.


EZ-Grip CGA870 Regulator Handknob

This ergonomic composite hand knob makes it extremely easy to secure and release CGA870 regulators from the cylinder valve. It makes it much easier than using a standard t-handle.


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