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Master Camping First Aid Kit

Master Camping First Aid Kit
Available in either red or blue bag

Master Camping First Aid Kit

The Master Camping First Aid Kit is great for those looking for a better than usual first aid kit, containing a good assortment of supplies, yet still priced reasonably enough not to break the wallet.

The Master Camping First Aid Kit bag folds out with a good overview of all the contents. First aid items are neatly arranged and organized in its many pockets, mesh pouches, and elastic divider straps.. The FA126 Master Camping First Aid Kit has two carry handles for ease of use.
Measures: 16''x 10''x 6'', and weights 8 lbs.

1- Carry Bag
1- pen light
1- suture package
1- first aid book
5- pair exam gloves
5 -abdominal pad 5" x 9"
30 -aspirin
6 -safety pins
1-emergency blanket 84" x 52"
1- hand sanitizer 2oz.
1- calamine lotion 6oz
1- hand soap
9- after bite wipes
1- Universal splint 4" x 36"
2 -6" elastic bandage
10- 4" x 4" sterile sponges
3- 1" tape
1- blood stopper kit
3- eye pads
2- Triangular bandages 40" x 40" x 56"

32- 1" x 3" bandage strip
10 -butterfly strips
10- 2" x 3" bandage strip
10 -knuckle bandage
3- Ice pack
1- EMT shears
2- SS hemostats
1 -tweezers
2 -scalpel blades
3- tongue depressor
1- irrigation syringe
15- antiseptic wipes
15-iodine wipes
15- clean wipes
15- alcohol wipes
2- ammonia inhalants
2-multi trauma dressing 12" x 30"
1- sterile flushing solution
5- triple antibiotic
10- burn packages

For Bag Only

Master Camping First Aid Kit
Available in blue or red

Trauma Bag Only in Orange - slightly discolored
This EMS Trauma Bag is the same as above, but with a slight discoloration in the orange. There is a very minor grey marbeling affect that was released in the manufacturing process, so we are offering these at a vey good discounted price. An excellent buy at only....
$11.85 - well below wholesale pricing!

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