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Improved Military IFAK

improved military IFAK  ACU layout

Choice of IFAK Pouch Colors and Additional IFAK Items

In 2005 the U.S. Army standardized the Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK), which, in conjunction with proper training, would greatly increase force effectiveness by increasing the potential of survival for combat casualties. Specifically, the kit provided enhanced capabilities for Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid to immediately treat the two most urgent medical crises faced by battlefield casualties; severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway.

improved military IFAK ACU Dig

Inner pouch closes with hook & loop flaps - side elastic holds CAT tourniquet or other items - connected by spiral elastic cable - packs into outer pouch.

The Improved Military IFAK is a self-contained assembly in a Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) utility pouch. This is not a military surplus pouch, with all previously expired items, but rather a brand new tough heavy-duty Mil-Spec pouch, made to all of its specifications, and with all military approved supplies inside...content item NSN numbers listed below.
The new Improved IFAK is really two pouches in one, with the inner pouch being connected by a spiral elastic cable. The inner pouch has elastic loops for gauze, medical item storage and folds closed with hook-n-loop closure panels. An elastic band on the side is perfect for adding the CAT Tourniquet.

This is not old surplus....
improved military IFAK full pouch

  All standard items will fit snugly in pouch, including the CAT Tourniquet, Bolin Chest Seal, Quikclot Combat Gauze and EMT Shears....and it's  MOLLE Compatible.

 The inside pouch is then placed inside the utility pouch for a secure fit, with ample room for the inner pouch and supplies, CAT Tourniquet and even a Quikclot Combat Gauze and Bolin Chest Seal, if desired and yes, they all fitsee above).
The utility cover is then closed securely with both a hook and loop attachment and a quick release buckle. There is a metal drain hole on bottom and the sides are rigidly reinforced for extra protection. The pouch conveniently comes in 5 colors for your preference.

 improved military IFAK coyote brown

• The Improved IFAK comes standard with Nasopharyngeal Airway 28fr, H&H Bandage Gauze,
4" Israeli Bandage, 2" Surgical Tape, and 4 pr. Examination Gloves. 2" tape may be substituted with
H&H 2 "Combat Tape.

improved military IFAK OD

• Optional items include; Quikclot Combat Gauze, T4 Tourniquet, CAT Tourniquet,
Bolin Chest Seal, Pneumothorax Needle, EMT Shears, and the H&H Combat Tape

You can opt to replace the 2" tape (2-1" rolls may come substituted) with 1-2" roll of the H&H Combat Tape. You can also include a Pneumothorax Needle, a T4 Tourniquet, and a pair of EMT Shears, as well as the Quikclot Combat Gauze, Bolin Chest Seal, and the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), to complete your Improved IFAK as individually needed. 

Pouch available in 5 Colors: OD, Tan, ACU Dig, Black and Red

Improved Military First Aid Kit (IFAK)
Pouch comes with 4"Israeli Bandage, Compressed Gauze, Nasopharyngeal Airway, Tape and 4 pr. exam gloves

Please add the following additional items:
(Check appropriate boxes)

Combat Tape, 1- 2" roll (substitute Surgical Tape N/C) $1.95
C.A.T. Tourniquet- Red Tip $26.95
Quikclot Combat Military Gauze, Z folded, (11/2017) $26.95
H&H Sterile Occlusive Bolin Chest Seal $19.70
  H&H Advanced One handed T4 Tourniquet $7.95
  H&H Tension Pneumothorax Needle (collapsed lung) $11.25
  EMT Shears $2.95

Warning: As with all the above emergency medical items, extreme care should be cautioned and only used in a life threatening emergencies, where there is no other option, preferably administered by a medical expert. Using the the Pneumothorax Needle is potentially dangerous, and can cause complications, such as serious internal bleeding, infection and punctured lung. At the very least we urge you to learn these procedures or take a related course before using..

Items listed with their NSN numbers:

Tourniquet, Combat Application (CAT) NSN # 6515-01-521-7976
Bandage, Israeli Emergency 4"  NSN # 6510-01-460-0849
Bandage, Compressed Gauze H&H NSN # 6510-01-503-2117
Adhesive Tape Surgical  2”X 6' Roll NSN # 6510-00-926-8883
Airway, Nasopharyngeal 28fr NSN # 6515-01-180-0467
Combat Gauze, Quikclot NSN # 6510-01-562-3325
Tourniquet, T-4 H&H  NSN # 6515-01-578-6354
Pneumothorax Needle H&H  NSN # 6515-01-541-0635
Chest Seal, Bolin NSN # 6510-01-549-0939
Combat Tape, H&H  NSN # 6510-01-549-0927
Full IFAK, improved  NSN 6545-01-530-0929<


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