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Military GI Bug Repellant

Military GI Bug Repellant


Genuine Military Issue Formula

We've been told that this puppy works when other products do not. In the mist of the Katrina disaster, when insects swarmed by the millions, this product performed its duty by providing a barrier and keeping the insects at bay - just one less worry to have to deal with, in a disaster situation. We were told also, that "it was the only one that worked"!
Protects against West Nile and Lyme's disease. Effectively repels ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, fleas, chiggers and the no see-ums. Used in the jungles by the troops during the Vietnam War.
U.S. military formula. 30% deet. 2 ounce pump action squeeze bottle. Longer than average shelf life.
 Made in the US.


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