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Cool Blaze Burn Dressings

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● Cools and Soothes
Helps Moisturize Skin
Water Soluble

Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera introduces the first real change to hydro-gels for burns in over 20 years. Cool Blaze Products Inc. has completely re-worked the gel formula keeping the 95% water base and wetting agents that have proven effective burn relief while adding viscosity which helps keep the gel on the wound. Cool Blaze has eliminated the Tea Tree Oil and added the natural plant extract Aloe Vera Gel. Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera cools, soothes and moisturizes the skin after a burn. It is a must have item for home, workplace and industrial First Aid Kits.

Competitors use tea tree oil in their formula which can be strong scented and irritating to the skin, whereas Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera is odorless and gentle on skin. Cool blaze gel is higher in viscosity allowing for the gel to stay on the skin better and provide long lasting cooling. Cool Blaze dressings employ an open foam technology which acts as a reliable carrier of the gel ensuring it is always on the surface of skin affected by burn. Our clear formula also allows for continuous unobstructed wound care management after the application of product.

Sterile Burn Dressing 4"x 4"


Sterile Burn Dressing 8"x 8"

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