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ActiSplint with Sensi-wrap Adhesive Wrap

ActiSplint with Self-Adherent Adhesive Wrap
SensiWrap Included!

Used Together for a Strong Stationary Bond! 

The Multi-Purpose Universal Splint (Actisplint), when used in conjunction with the provided Self-Adherent Adhesive Wrap (or Sensi Wrap) provides a very strong, stationary bond that can be used in an emergency situations whereby an arm or ankle may be sprained or broken.

 The Multi-Purpose Universal Splint with Self-Adherent Adhesive Wrap will provide the needed temporary stable support prior to getting to a hospital or doctor. This is a popular first aid tool for EMS first responders as well as a safety backup for school sporting activities and other physical events.

The conforming material of the splint is comfortable, lightweight, and it conforms easily to body contours, providing adequate pressure to inhibit bleeding, yet it's flexible enough not to impede circulation. The included self-adherent adhesive wrap is ideal for treatment of a variety of injuries including sprains and relief bandaging of joints and other difficult-to-wrap areas and is a perfect match for the Actisplint. There are no clips or fasteners to be needed. Splint is latex free. Actisplint can be cut with scissors. Sensiwrap contains natural rubber latex.

Rolled Splint - 4¼"×36": orange & charcoal grey.
Sensi-Wrap - 2" x 5 yds.: black

splint diagram
Actisplint and Sensi-wrap Combo

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