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What to Do When the SHTF

What to Do When the SHTF manual
Are you prepared for an emergency? Recent events have taught us all that anyone, anywhere can face an emergency situation. Do you have the tools, equipment and knowledge to ensure the safety of your family? With the expert advice in the handbook, you can be better prepared for any emergency: terrorist attack; fire; flood; tornado; winter storm; hurricane; landslide; earthquake; drought; nuclear emergency; civil unrest and more.

In this updated edition, Dave Black addresses the full range of disasters that can turn an ordinary day into a fight for survival. He offers advice on alarms; insurance; preparing a "disaster kit"; planning for evacuation; communication; emergency food handling; first aid and more. With real-world considerations, he lays out the step-by-step responses that could save you and your family in a time of crisis. Softcover. 2014-2015 Edition 325 pages.




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