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Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters

bug out vehicle
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Complete step-by-step preparations for fleeing one’s home in 15 minutes with everything needed to survive for months away from civilization

When disaster strikes, the wise few who have planned ahead will survive in style. The masses left behind will be lucky to survive at all. As inevitable but unstoppable as the floods that swept New Orleans and the earthquake that shattered Haiti, life-threatening disasters require a plan—one that foresees both a speedy escape as well as days, weeks, or even months living on one’s own.

This intricately detailed guide shows readers how to prepare vital supplies, determine a safe bivouac location, outfit an automobile for emergency transport and long term occupancy, and even build the ideal shelter for any size family. When the Big One leaves Los Angeles a pile of rubble and its police force helpless against mobs of looters, the vital details covered in this book—from storing enough gasoline for the escape drive to having a long-term fresh-water source at the safe location—show readers how to go on.

Prepping fast escape vehicles
Using specially equipped vehicles for unique situations
Planning for backup vehicles if your main escape option fails
Utilizing bikes, canoes, kayaks, rowboats and other human powered means of escape.
Preparing temporary shelters
Locating and stocking long term shelters
Using an RV motorhome, camper trailer, or converted utility vehicle
Living aboard boats, from motorboats to houseboats to blue water sailboats

6 x 9
320 pages

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