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 Radiation Detection and Protection

Iosat Potassium Iodide

Personal Radiation Exposure Detector and Dosimeter $5.00
proki potassium iodide
Potassium Iodide 100 Tabs to a bottle

nukalert radiation monitor and alarm

radiation water filter  Seychelles Water filter purifiers
 Alternative to Bottled Water
pure water filtration filter 


 First Designed for Government and Military use, this Revolutionary Technology has been Developed and Used Worldwide for Global Emergencies and Natural Disasters, and NOW it is being marketed to the general public in the US, with several new and exciting products. 
Filters out 99.99% of impurities AND 100% of all the major radiation contaminants and pollutants that can be found in water after a nuclear disaster, including Radon, Radon 222, Radium, Uranium and Cesium 137

The Key to Survival for more Survival Supplies

survival gear, kits and survival knives

Did You Know?

Water has a shelf life of about 6 mos. & needs to be rotated, just like food - after 6 mos. bacteria can start to set in. After a major earthquake,
water could become very scarce.

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55 gallon water storage drum
Emergency Water Storage Drums
 Solution !

Our Water Storage Drums will provide a sturdy, safe and sanitary means of storing water for a minimum of 5 years - It is the most cost efficient answer to your water supply problems.

Water Storage Information


water storage drum and accessories

stomp med kit
Professional STOMP Medical Kit
Most comprehensive Medical First Aid Kit Available  - A TOP SELLER!

  Berkey Water Purification Systems


Emergency Water Storage Kit
ON SALE $23.95!

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Mountain House Food
Long Term Shelf Life - up to 30 yrs.
 No cooking Required - just add hot water - wait 10 min. & eat!
Great tasting - flavor & taste locked in by freeze dried methods
Each can provides for multiple servings - takes up less room
Locked in freshness and stored nutrients
Up to 30 yrs. Shelf Life

first aid kits

first aid supplies
emergency escape masks water filters and purifiers
emergency radios and lights emergency survival supplies

Will You Be Ready?

The question has now become... WILL ANY OF US BE READY?
    The recent earthquake in Japan has opened eyes to more than a few who now realize that most products from potassium iodide to food and water supplies will become very scarce, if not impossible, to buy in an extreme emergency. Manufacturers can only carry so much at one time - in most cases, not nearly enough to handle the needs required of those facing a large emergency crisis.
Long term food and emergency water supplies were cut short and it has taken months for some to replenish their stock. Suppliers, caught in the middle, soon realized that the demand was far greater than the supply...and all this from a disaster 6000 miles away!

"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." - Proverbs 22:3

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